May 26, 2010

30 Week Check Up

Today we had our 30 week check up with the doctor. She was very pleased with everything - our glucose test, hemoglobin check, measurement, weight, blood pressure, etc. got an A+ from the doctor so, I was on cloud nine with happieness! We feel so blessed that our pregnancy is going so smoothly. The minor aches and pains are nothing worth mentioning when the big stuff is going well!

Our doctor has been floating between two offices in the same practice and we learned that she is going to be staying stationed at the one that is a little further from us. Since all is going well, we've decided to stick to the office near us and meet with a new doctor at our next visit. We have been so blessed thus far so I feel confident that God will put us in good hands.

We are down to having appointments every two weeks! Our next appointment is Thursday, June 10th!

May 17, 2010

Baby Shower: Parent's Friends

I had the nicest baby shower this weekend with my mom's friends and my mother-in-law's friends. We had a house full of thoughtful people! My mom went all out on the decorating. I thought I was a party planner, but her decorations were top notch! Everything was adorable, the food was delicious, the weather beautiful, and the company extra special! Neal and I are so thankful to our parents' friends. It is a blessing to know your parents are surrounded by loving, thoughtful people in their lives and we love each of you. Thank you for showering us with love!

May 6, 2010

The Dent Wizard

This week I have been referring to Jacob as The Dent Wizard. We had a followup ultrasound this past Monday and as soon as the doctor pressed the "wand" on my tummy Jake kicked it hard. Neal and I have been joking that he saw that little dent in his home and kicked it right out. :) Our purpose for having an ultrasound this late was to look at the location of the placenta which has been "low lying". We had good news - it's location had changed as I grew. Unfortunately, an error was made in scheduling our appointment so, we didn't get the detailed ultrasound we expected and we don't really have a good picture of Jacob to share from this appointment. Therefore, you get another belly picture this week. Our next appointment is May 26th.