April 12, 2010

Easy Breezy Appointment with the Doc

Last week we had our 23 week visit to the doctor. Today I am 24 weeks! It was a breeze of an appointment. We got to hear that healthy little heartbeat again and were on our way (although we spent a long time in the waiting room). Our next appointment is May 6th and will be a busy one. We’ll have a glucose screening test, blood draw for hemoglobin check, and a follow up ultrasound! I am looking forward to it. The time is really flying. Below is a picture of me at 23 weeks and I am growing…or Jake is growing by the day!
We also want to say a very special congratulations to Bonnie and Jeremy on the birth of their miracle baby, Isabella! She is just adorable and we are so delighted to hear that she and mom are doing well. Below is a beautiful photo of Isabella!