April 28, 2011

Happy Easter

EASTER from Jake's point of view...


 Saturday evening we went to my Bebe and Budroe's house for dinner.  When we got there Bebe and Budroe gave Allie and I Easter baskets!  I loved all of my surprises. 

I was the coolest guy in the house!
After dinner Allie and I played.  She tried to get me and it was soooo funny!

Later, I got to spend some time with Nana while the rest of the family headed to church!


On Sunday morning mama dressed me all up and brought me the Easter basket that the big bunny left for me!  I was so amazed!

I played with every single thing the bunny gave me.
After I looked through my basket mama put me in it!  She's nuts, but I did enjoy it! ha!

My dog got an Easter bone, but she wanted to play with the Easter eggs from my basket instead.
After we were all ready we went to my Bebe & Budroe's house for brunch.  Everyone took lots and lots of pictures of Allie and me.  I sure was glad Allie and I were in the spotlight together.  It's much better than being alone.

Daddy helped me stand and mama sure was glad because she got a shot of my first Easter outfit.

 This is dada, mama, and me.  We are smiling because we are a happy family of three.

These are my aunts and uncles and of course my awesome cousin.  Love her!

Later, we went over to Nana's house for dinner.  She gave me an Easter basket too.  I loved all of my goodies.  I also got a basket from my Aunt Mary Ann!!

 I did lots of fun things at Nana's!  I went swimming, I played with all my relatives, and I played with all of my new toys.  

Sarah even kicked her legs with me!  That is my FAVORITE thing to do and usually I'm doing it alone. :)  We also clapped and played peek-a-boo.

 Then, I got to play with my cousin, Mary.  She held me lots and we played with my toys!

When we got home mama put all my Easter goodies together and took a picture for us to look back at.  Mama reminded me that I was blessed with lots of fun things this Easter.  She also said that the biggest blessing I got was to be able to spend time with so much family.  She said that things can come and go, but the love of family will stay forever!  She is so smart!

Happy Easter, I hope you have been blessed with lots of love too!

~ Jake