October 1, 2010

Many Thanks

During the time we spent in the hospital for our delivery, the time following, and even now (two months later) we have received the blessing of kindness from so many around us! From meals, to gifts, to helping hands, kind words, texts, emails, and more - we were and are overwhelmed by love! Neal and I just want to say thank you SO very much for the kindness so many of you shared. I had a bit of a rough recovery going back into the hospital with anemia. Once back on my feet and trying to adjust to motherhood I have realized how fast time has gotten away from me. I have many notes of OVERDUE thanks to get out...soooo if I have not personally thanked you yet please know that no act of kindness has gone unnoticed. We love you, our friends, family, and neighbors!

Thank you so very much!

Roll Tide

It doesn't take two minutes around Daddy and Budroe to know that Jacob is set to fall in love with Alabama football! Jake has a closet full of Alabama gear from onesies, to bottles, to onesies, to pacifiers, to onesies, to blankets, to onesies, to burclothes...socks, hats, etc. Did I mention he has an AL onesie or two?

After a very busy Saturday Neal and I decided to pack up Jacob and go watch the Alabama game with Jake's Budroe (Neal's dad). You might say we went overboard taking pictures of Jake. I tried to narrow the selection down to a handful of my favorites.

Full Bama Attire

Sweet Feet

Our Family of Three

Love Jake's Handmade AL Blanket from Ms. Teresa Neesen

Three Generations of Humphrey Fellas


Nothing melts our hearts more than seeing Jacob smile. We spend most of our awake time with Jake trying to make him smile. Each time he does it we get the other's attention as though it's his first smile each time. We especially like to make him smile when Bebe is around. She cries every time. Who can blame her? It truely is a heart melter! I thought I'd share some of Jake's smiles...

First Bath

I am so surprised how our little Jacob enjoys his baths. He is pretty quiet and just looks around...until I wash his hair. My friends, Bonnie & Heather, gave us this cute duck towel that you get wet with warm water and lay across the baby. It is a lifesaver and I KNOW that is why Jake is so calm during his bath time. This is a must have! I ran out and bought another one in a frog! Below are a few pictures from his first bath in his whale tub! I love to bathe him. A clean baby wrapped in a fresh towel is just so sweet!


We are so happy to introduce the arrival of Jacob O'Neal! I can't believe he is two months old and I am just getting around to updating our blog. We have been blessed!

And the story goes like this...

Because we had passed Jacob's due date of August 2nd, my doctor scheduled induction for Sunday, August 8th, BUT... On the evening of Friday, August 6th I decided to take a bath while my husband and sister-in-law were visiting downstairs. When I got out and dried off I...lets just say...couldn't get completely dry! My water had broken! I called my doctor's office and after they told me to go straight to the hospital and to do nothing else... I jumped in the shower. :) WELL, who knew when I'd get another one! By the time I was downstairs and ready to go the rest of Neal's family and my mom had gathered at the house. Jacob was born almost 17 hours later at 1:17pm on Saturday, August 7th!

Life will never be the same...

My dear friend, Emily, took some beautiful photos of Jacob and made his birth announcements (to be sent soon). She did such a wonderful job and was so patient with us and eager to make sure we loved the finished product. Visit Emily's photography blog for more information on how to snag her for your next photo session and or announcement! www.emilyelrodphotography.blogspot.com