November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!  We had a great time celebrating the evening with two of Jake's pals and their parents.  It was hard to get a great picture of Jake in his costume as he was as busy as ever.  Needless to say we spent more time running around the streets than chatting it up.  Regardless, it was fun to see our little ones waddle around in their costumes.

For the record, we should have dressed Jake in all black with a mask as a "robber" because his goals were to first stir the bowls of candy with his hand and then try to enter the houses we visited.

A picture from earlier in the week that I had to share!

Our darling animals: Lillie the Ladybug, Jake the Sheep, and Jacob the Tiger!

 Daddy Walking with Jake...

Mommy At the Door with Jake...

Mommy Saving the Nice Lady From Jake the Intruder...