September 21, 2013


I can hardly put into words how watching these two interact makes me feel!  They are too amazing!  At the end of this, Jake laid down in front of Emma, looked up at her and said, "Emma, you are the best baby I ever saw!"  Oh how I love watching them grow!

Preschool Open House

River Hills Preschool
Ms. Catherine & Ms. Jean-Marie
MTW 9 - Noon (Lunch from Noon - 1pm on Tuesdays)

Jake has been in his new preschool for about three weeks now and I could not be more pleased thus far!  In such a short time I have met several parents and grandparents of Jake's classmates, met some of his new pals, joined the parent committee, been greeted by name by the director and received numerous school updates and information via email and letters, etc.  I feel like we've landed in a great place!

Neal and I joined Jake at school this past Thursday evening for Open House.  His teachers set up a scavenger hunt around the room for the kids to show us all the different stations inside.  They have already done so much.  In addition to the curriculum Jake has chapel on Mondays, Spanish on Tuesdays, and music on Wednesdays.

He is the second to the youngest in the class, but his teachers say he is doing great and mature for being one of the youngest.  They said he is so sweet and funny!  Ms. Catherine shared that on the first day he was buzz lightyear, but every day following he has worn a knights costume from their costume area.  She said he comes in and dresses himself in the mornings.  She had a great picture of him in full armor!

At the open house Jake was set on showing us the "Emma" in his classroom.  He showed us how to put her to bed, feed her a bottle, change her diaper, and repeat.  He insisted his teacher hold baby Emma.  It was so funny!

We hope you have a fabulous year in your new preschool.  We hope you feel safe and loved and that all your moments there are fun and exciting!  We hope you are kind and loving to all your new friends and that you are received the same.  Bless you sweet boy!