December 28, 2010

Our Little Butterball

One of my favorites from the season...

Three Cutting

This year was our third annual tree cutting trip to the beautiful NC mountains.  This year was extra special because we had both Jacob and Nana with us.  Usually, Neal and I join his parents for the scenic drive up into the mountains, but we added two into the roadtrip this time.  We always ride up to the trees on a trailer that is pulled by a tractor.  It was really, really chilly this year so, Jake and Nana ended up sitting in the tractor enjoying a bottle while the rest of us searched out our trees!



Somebody Likes Sweet Potatoes

Jacob turned 4 months on December 7th and the doctor gave us the go-ahead to start feeding him baby food.  "Thank goodness," was all I could say because Jake has been drinking every gulp of formula I put in his bottle and we're up to 7.5 ozs.  Not to mention, my largest bottle only holds 8 ozs!  We started with sweet potatoes TO bananas TO rice cereal and now we're back to sweet potatoes which seem to be a fave.  Jake's first meal was more fun for us than for him.  His expressions were priceless!

Jacob, in full armor, ready for his first spoon eating experience...

If you can get past the face on this little guy, notice that his bib has already been changed.  The nice, big, wipe-off-able bib was way too big!

The BIG EVENT ends in a milk bottle. :)