March 27, 2011

Our Trip to EdVenture

On Saturday we took a family trip to EdVenture, the Children's Museum in Columbia, SC.  Our intention was the zoo, but the weather had other plans in store for us.  We met up with Neal's sister, her husband, and their adorable daughter, Allie Jane, for our big day out.  Obviously the museum was a little advanced for our 3 and 7 month olds, but it was neat to check it out and spend some time together anyways!  It's a really neat place and I know we'll be back in the future for many fun-filled days!

Children's Museum / Columbia, SC
Allie Jane
Jake in the Big Chair

Siblings & Cousins

Somebody was dangling an interesting toy in the air!

Thanks for a fun day Uncle Perry, Aunt Bethy, and Allie Jane!  We love you!