March 27, 2011

Our Trip to EdVenture

On Saturday we took a family trip to EdVenture, the Children's Museum in Columbia, SC.  Our intention was the zoo, but the weather had other plans in store for us.  We met up with Neal's sister, her husband, and their adorable daughter, Allie Jane, for our big day out.  Obviously the museum was a little advanced for our 3 and 7 month olds, but it was neat to check it out and spend some time together anyways!  It's a really neat place and I know we'll be back in the future for many fun-filled days!

Children's Museum / Columbia, SC
Allie Jane
Jake in the Big Chair

Siblings & Cousins

Somebody was dangling an interesting toy in the air!

Thanks for a fun day Uncle Perry, Aunt Bethy, and Allie Jane!  We love you!

March 24, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

There is something about being outside in the Spring that is just refreshing.  I have enjoyed taking Jake to the park for a walk, a little swinging, and mostly just snuggling on a blanket under a shaded tree.  He loves to lay on his back, kick, and just stare up at the big trees!  I have to admit I enjoy it too.  When we're away from the house the temptation to clean, do laundry, wash bottles, and do a hundred other chores is set aside.  I am reminded that those things can be done at a less precious time and that the laundry, the bottles, and the pledge don't appreciate me as much as my little boy does!

March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday
(I stole this idea from a few on my friends who have blogs for their children.  I love this idea, especially tonight when I want to share a precious picture, but am too tired for words.) 

March 19, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Jake has a good amount of Irish blood so, it was only appropriate that he start celebrating early!  We went to a local festival Thursday night and Jake was a trooper!

All Big & 7 Months

Our big boy turned 7 months on March 7th.  We our cherishing every moment.  Each phase is more and more fun, but each day is going so fast!

Jake weighs about 18 lbs 8 ozs.

He is already too big for allot of 9 month clothing.

Jake is putting allot of weight on his legs these days and loves trying to stand on us!

He walks backwards in his Jeep walker.

He sits up on his own.

He falls on his tummy and can roll to his back.  He has rolled to his tummy before, but then decided he can't do it anymore. :)

He loves our dog, Saddie, but any time he slightly touches her she runs away. 

He loves Baby Einstein and if you get in his way while it is on he'll lean over to look around you.

Jake doesn't meet a stranger...he smiles at everyone.

He loves balloons!

He takes two naps a day (for the most part) and is doing good at being put down while awake.

He eats three meals a day!

We are trying to teach him to drink from a sippy cup.

Below is a picture of Jacob at 7 months in front of the toy box that Neal's dad built for him when he was a little boy!


March 11, 2011

Little Mover???

Our little baby is growing so fast.  He turned 7 months on Monday and I just cannot believe how quickly the days seem to be flying by.  Jacob now weights about 18 lbs 8 ounces which means in Huggies terms he is no longer a Little Snuggler.  That's right, if your baby is a size 2 or under his Huggies diapers are called Little Snugglers and when he gets into a size 3 he graduates into Little Movers.  Call me dramatic, but that just makes me sniffle a little.  I knew there was a good reason for being a Pampers fan!

March 3, 2011

March 1, 2011

I Love You A Bushel & A Peck...

Nana tells Jacob this all of the time.  I think it will always be their special saying!


I love these pictures and just wanted to share...

Tupperware, You Better Watch Out

Last week I cleaned out all of my kitchen cabinets and organized everything all over!  I don't know where all the random tupperware comes from, but it drives me crazy to have mismatched plastic in my cupboard!  Although I reorganized all the cabinets, the "plastic cupboard" got the most attention.  With that being said, Jacob supervised and got to play with any piece his heart desired.  I must admit it is much more fun to clean out the cabinets with a cute little guy by your side!  Here are a couple of pictures of Jake's first playtime with the plastic!