June 7, 2012

Toddler Bed

It was a bittersweet afternoon as Neal, Jake and I took down the crib and set up Jake's toddler bed just a couple of days ago.  A couple of months ago Jake escaped his crib landing with a loud thump.  Following the advice of my friends I removed his bumper pads buying us a little more time before the transition was a must.  So,   just two months and two days shy of Jake's second birthday we have been forced to make the switch.  Jake climbed out three times in a row right infront of us and it was obvious this could land us in the ER in no time.

It has been a surprisingly easy experience and a NOT so surprisingly hysterical experience.  We put a gate up at Jake's door with the plan to leave his bedroom door open to allow some light into the room.  (We had to remove his nightlight because he thought it was a toy.)  So, on the first night in his new bed I put myself in some cozy jammies and jumped in with him.  I had it set in my mind that I was likely to fall asleep with him and leave later in the night.  However, while snuggled up in the bed I needed to "go potty".  So, I explained to Jake I was "going potty" and would be right back.  He followed me out of the bed and watched as I made sure to lock the gate at his door behind me.  But, as I disappeared to the bathroom I quickly heard a mummer of some kind (a sound of frustration and baby swear words that I'm sure were directed at me) followed by a loud slam of his bedroom door.  Seconds later I stood outside his room and heard moments of shuffling and then silence.  Jake had gone to bed...

And so, this is how it continued at nap the following day and bedtime the next night.  (The second night the door slammed in my face as I said "Goodnight, I love youuu...")  

I suppose that as long as I get some snuggle time and story time with my baby before bed I'll take a slammed door in my face as I say goodnight for the sake of a little down time with my husband before we too put ourselves to bed.

So Proud of His New Bed