September 16, 2013

Last Week & This

Last week (9.12.13) Emma Claire turned five months old!  Oh how I love this age.  She is just the smiliest thing I have ever seen and so aware now!  I was pretty impressed with myself taking her 5 month photo only three days late considering the last couple of months pics were taken well past their due date.  Daddy says she is rockin' a terrible 80s look, but I'm loving this photo.  Cute outfit or not, that face makes it perfect!

I haven't fully decided if Jake loves his new preschool or not.  Every morning (MTW) he says he doesn't want to go, but then runs into the the school like it's the best place around.  This morning he had his book bag on and ran straight to the entrance.  He told the nice man (who always hold the door in the mornings and afternoons) that he had on his super backpack and flew inside.  Everyone around laughed out loud as I shook my head (both holding back a giggle and feeling so in love with that cutie).

I would venture to say one of his favorite things about school is the wonderful playground and sandbox just outside his classroom.  Every day that I have picked him up thus far he has been covered in dirt and sand and always a few extra bruises!  I don't know that this picture does the dirt on his face justice, but I had to try to capture the after school look!  I have been so impressed and thrilled with the school we picked for Jake and am SO looking forward to open house this week to catch up with his teachers and some new mom friends I've already made!

Feeling blessed this week as my son has ventured away from telling me daily that he doesn't love me to telling me he does, with a baby girl who is getting back on her sleep schedule, and a husband who just surprised me with fall candles and a Keurig!  As Pete the Cat says in one of Jake's new books "stuff will come and stuff will go"... just like the phases with our children and phases of a marriage, good ones and bad ones will come and go.  I'll push through those I don't love yous and sleepless nights remembering those phases will go and new ones will come.

Until next time...