September 17, 2013

Not Your Typical Stay at Home Mom Day

I love being a stay at home mom.  Despite it's challenges I feel so blessed to be available for my babies all day.  I really admire all mom's - working, part time working, and at home moms.  I think they all are amazing and each "job" of a mother brings their own sets of challenges and joys! Today was not my typical day, but I'll take it any day!  I'm usually rushing around to get some laundry done, clean some part of the house, pick up missing grocery items, etc. while Jake is in preschool, but not today...

I dropped Jake off for his long day of school (Mondays and Wednesdays he stays until noon and on Tuesdays he stays an hour later for lunch).  After making sure his book bag was hung, lunch box secure in his cubby, and face covered in kisses I strolled down the hall.  His class is learning about Johnny Appleseed and recently painted pictures with apples.  Here is Jake's...

The next week they tasted red, green, and yellow apples and the teachers recorded which ones each child enjoyed.  Notice Jake's says "no, no, no"?  ...because he refuses to taste an apple. Thankfully, it looks like little miss Hannah didn't enjoy any either.

After leaving the preschool, Emma and I ventured over to Bath & Body works to stock up on a few new fall scented hand soaps for the house.  Then, we drove by our lot that is awaiting our eventual residence.  I have met one mom in Jake's class who lives in our neighborhood to be and another who is just down the road.  One reason we decided to focus on the Lake Wylie side of town for Jake's school was to meet people in the area and it looks like we're off to a great start!  Looking forward to the day we settle on this land, but there is plenty to keep us busy in the mean time.

Finally, we headed to Emma Claire's first library class, Once Upon a Lap, at the Lake Wylie Library!  I hate to rush her little life along, but I have been looking forward to this class.  I used to take Jake when he was younger.  Actually, I took him to several sessions back to back to back and made some great friends throughout whom we still get together with.  Emma loved the other kids, the music, bubbles, and especially the bells!

Here is a snapshot of Jake playing with the bells when he was in Once Upon a Lap at the Fort Mill Library in Baxter.  He is about 8 months in this photo.

After class we met daddy for lunch at Hickory Tavern and then jumped in the car to pick up Jake. We got there early and all three spied on him as he played on the playground at school.  As the kids lined up to return to class, he spotted us through the glass and was thrilled!  Jake introduced daddy, Emma, and I to the whole class.  He sure isn't thrilled with his sister when we are at home, but he was showing "it" to everyone!  We met Jake's new buddy Connor whom I've heard allot about.  The teacher shared with us that Jake is pretty mature considering he is the second to the youngest in the class and that he is doing great!

After school, we read a story on the couch and settled down for nap...or so I like to think.  At this moment, I hear Rescue Robots in full force inside a little boy's bedroom.

The best part of my day is spending time with family.  My day is only half done and my cup is already overflowing.  Why?  Because I had quality time at the library with my daughter, lunch and conversation with my husband, and helped bring a huge smile to my son's face by showing up with the whole family to meet his friends and pick him up.  Here is to more days like this one...