November 18, 2010

Three Months Old

Jake was three months old on November 7th and he is changing every day.  He is so much fun and just a joy to be with!  Some of my friends update on their blogs what their little ones are doing at different ages and I think it is a neat idea!  Below are some of the things that Jacob is doing now...

1- Jacob loves to lay on his back (especially on his new playmat from John and Heather).
2- Hates to be on his tummy (but we're trying)!
3- Turns and looks when someone talks to him.
4- Grabs rattles and little toys.
5 - Pulls anything he gets in his hand to his mouth.
6- Chews his paci and talks (really loud) while chewing.
7- Laughs out loud. (Cutest thing I have EVER seen.)
8- Loves bath time even when water drips down his precious face.
9- Laughs when I take his arms out of his sleeves to undress him, but hates when I put them in the sleeves to dress him.
10- Drinks 7 ounces and sucks the empty bottle.

Baptism Day

Sunday, November 17th was a very special day in Jacob's life.  He was baptized at St. Philip Neri and although he doesn't know what that means now it is a day that we will celebrate with Jake year and year to come.  It was so neat to see all the family and friends that were there to support us and Jacob on such a special day!  Father John did such a nice job and mentioned Jacob time and time again throughout the mass.  He is such a blessed little baby!  We are so excited that John and Marianne agreed to be Jake's Godparents.  We know that along with their wonderful spouses they will be great help to Neal and I in guiding Jake on his spiritual walk.