September 12, 2013


As I sit down to write this I hear someone stirring on the monitor beside me.  It's a small miracle that I am even sitting here in my sun room, alone, in silence.  Although, it is nice, I am already excited for those little pumpkins to spring from their sleep!  Funny how that is.  Well, now the monitor on my other side is blaring a loud "mommy"!  Did I really wish them awake?

We'll let them wiggle around for a few minutes...

I last posted when Jake was exactly two months shy of turning two and the posts were scarce shortly before then.  The busier they become the busier we become...and the more tired, tested, frazzled...and FULFILLED!

Jake was entering a toddler bed in my last post and is now in a big boy full bed custom built by his talented daddy.  His rooms is decorated in cars, trucks, planes and primary colors.  I'm so glad we didn't rush out to buy new furniture (aside from the bed) because it is covered in "memory marks" already.  I love the cross above Jake's bed.  It reminds me daily to pray with him before bed which I must admit could slip my mind these days.  My least favorite thing in his room is the toy tool bench that I have to pick up every morning and refill with it's pieces.  I'm pretty sure someone jumps off of it after he has dismissed us from his bedtime routine, creating a beautiful mess.

Jake is 3 years and 1 month today and the most high energy, funny, and witty little boy I know!  He has started preschool this year...three days a week.  He loves to run, play with superheroes, watch Rescue Robots, talk, talk, and talk.  He's a picky eater!  He can count to 20 and also backwards from 10 and has for a while now.  He is about eight handfuls to take care of.  He makes me feel 10 different emotions within 10 minutes, but the one that NEVER leaves my heart is love!  He amazes me everyday!

Five months ago today Emma Claire entered the world!  She is the sweetest and most darling little girl I have ever seen.  She weighs almost fourteen pounds now and smiles all the time.  Just like her brother, she loves for anyone to talk to her.  She loves sweet carrots, but that is about the only thing she will finish as of now.  She loves to be held and walked around.  She recently laughed out loud to a Praise Baby DVD, but nothing makes her smile and giggle on and on like Jacob.  She lights up when he enters the room.  Nothing has touched my heart more that seeing the look on her face when he is around.  He, though not thrilled with her, grows a little less appalled each day. Yes, I said appalled.  He is devastated by her bodily fluids.  A-matter-of-fact, she sneezed this morning and "it" reached him sending him into a dramatic frenzy!  I see allot of drama in our future, but I am ready to embrace it all!

I'm feeling satisfied now that I was able to record a few little things that came to mind today.  Hopefully naps will overlap more often, hopefully I can overlook this messy sun room/playroom more often, and hopefully I will commit to recording more of our daily memories!

Looking forward to reading these with our kids when they're grown!