October 25, 2011

On a Lighter Note...

This evening, as I usually do around 6 o'clock at night, I took Jake out of his highchair concluding dinner and... waited for him to "poop in his pants" (aka diaper). Yep, after dinner WAS bath time, but after several poopy bath incidents we have made after dinner time "wait for Jake to poop time". Ridiculous? Maybe, but after bathing my son only to see his face turn red and the water turn brow...we adjusted the schedule. So, we wait. Once the mission was accomplished we dashed for the bathroom and proceed with our nightly routine. This evening happened to be memorable. As bath time was rounding up its final minutes and the last of Jake's bath water dribbled down the drain I looked at Jake who was sitting legs stretched out in front and looking down at his "wee wee". And then...a stream of yellow urine came out like a water gun. Jake screamed in fear, stood up in the tub, and reached for me to save him. I realized that it was the first time he had actually seen himself "go". I wrapped my arms around his drenched little body, patting his bottom, assuring him over and over that it was going to be okay.

Realizing there most likely isn't a place in our baby book for "baby's first tinkle scare" I thought it should certainly be recorded here.

Thank you Lord for Sleepless Nights

Zzzzzzz...  Zzzzzzz...  Zzzzzzz...  Zzzzzzz... Zzzzzzz...  Zzzzzzz...  Zzzzzzz...  Zzzzzzz...  Zzzzzzz...

Neal and I returned from a restful trip away to Costa Rica last Wednesday evening.  When we woke up Thursday I noticed Jake had a runny nose.  "Bless his heart," I thought.  I hate not being able to fix his colds and knowing that only time will heal his little virus'.  None-the-less, Jake was up in the middle of the night on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  "Bless mine and Neal's hearts," I thought!  Sunday night I jumped in the sack at an earlier hour than I'm willing to share, but (as needed!) I jumped onto Facebook for a quick scan.  I came across an update from someone that I went to junior high and high school with.  It was a simple mention that she had recently updated her blog and the post was "Circle of Life."  I love to read other's blogs and I'll admit that although I have not spoken to this friend or seen her since high school I have ventured to her blog on occasion.  So, as I lay in bed I decide to click on it and see what is new in Sallie's life.  I read about her life and her three children.  She is so honest, not trying to paint her life as picture perfect, but coming across as so perfect for herself and her family. This particular entry that she most recently shared ended like this, "Between my night owl, my early riser, and my night feeder my sleep is quite deprived at the moment.  But I know this too shall pass...and then I'll just miss them being babies".  I marveled in the moment at how great God is and how He leads us in perfect direction.  I often remind myself when things are not perfect for a period of time that the current time is a phase that will not be unending.  It is easy in the stress of few hours of sleep or a busy week to forget that the things that are not ideal shall pass and that maybe, just maybe, we will miss those moments when they do.  I thank God for leading me to Sallie's blog in a moment when I needed reminded.  Be still and listen.  I will be adding this blog to the "Friends We Follow" on our blog so that I am more easily reminded to go there not only to enjoy the day to day fun and chaos of another family, but to draw some inspiration.  So, I will end this post by saying:

Thank you Lord for guiding me to Sallie's blog for inspiration.  Thank you for her faith.  AND yes, thank you Lord, for sleepless nights.  For giving us a gift named Jacob to have sleepless nights with.  For making me his mommy and trusting that I will sooth the gift that you have blessed me with during those nights.  

That night, (last night), Jacob slept all night long.