December 31, 2010

Our Journey to the DOC Band

I think it all began when my water broke.  It was approximately 17 hours later, including two and a half of pushing, before our little baby boy was born.  I think the whole birthing experience was less traumatic for me than the being birthed experience was for our little bundle.  It may have been even MORE traumatic for my husband who proclaims that Jacob was born with two heads.  It seems slightly funny now, but in the moment no so much!  Of all the things friends, family, doctors, and even strangers told us, nobody shared that the head of a newborn is something that may fit better into the world of the Whovillians than humans.  So, let me be the first to share with you that those cute little hats that newborns receive in the hospital are NOT to keep them warm and cozy, but rather to cover the unusual shape of their heads in the first hours of their lives.

Although Jacob's head shape quickly improved some of the bones of his skull still seemed a little more prominent than normal.  It wasn't until Jacob's second month wellness visit that my husband asked the doctor his thoughts on Jacob's head shape.  The doctor carefully examined our precious boy and then blurted out a huge and new word to us..."Craniosynostosis," he said.  The doctor had reason to believe that Jake may have craniosynostosis, a genetic disorder, and wanted to wait until our next visit to examine him further.  We went home and my husband quickly jumped on the computer researching, learning, and filling himself with information around this new word.  Googling could have been the dumbest and the smartest thing we did.  Dumb - because prayer is where we should have turned first (and soon did), Smart - because we educated ourselves enough to discuss our concerns with our doctor and make decisions for our child.  We decided that we would not wait until the next visit, but instead went back in shortly thereafter to discuss our concerns.  According to our pediatrician, the only way to know for sure if Jake had craniosynostosis was to run an MRI on his head.  One question that Neal asked the doctor, and that stuck in my head, was if there was a specialist that could just look at Jacob and know a definitive yes or no.  Although our doctor said, "no," my gut told me that Neal had found something in his research that led him to believe that a specialist was an option.  Our doctor shared the name of a plastic surgeon who would do the surgery if Jacob did have this and we decided that we'd like to talk with him before we moved forward with exposing Jake to the radiation that an MRI would allow.  Our doctor didn't have a problem with that and wrote us a referral.  We were heartbroken.  I remember walking into Target after that appointment with Neal and Jacob and we could not even shop.  We couldn't even bring ourselves to call and update our parents.

Several days later we were a helpless family of three sitting in the waiting room at the surgeons office.  We were taken into our room and waited a short time.  Before we knew it, two male surgeons dressed in scrubs walked in.  Jacob was sitting on my lap.  In silence they walked from my left to my front to my right just looking at our son.  They then talked very low to one another as they looked at him closer; never acknowledging Neal or myself.  Finally, they sat down and began to show us where they were seeing abnormalities in Jacob's head growth.  They would (in their opinions) contribute this cause to lack of tummy time and would confidently suggest a DOC Band and more tummy time!  Yes, they could tell by just looking at our innocent boy.  They had no concern that Jacob had Crayniosynsosis!  First came shock and once that wore off we found ourselves relieved and abundantly grateful!

December 29th, Jacob finally got his band.  AKA to the uninformed as a "helmet".  That includes me.  I always called it a helmet.  Getting the band was a process of pictures, digital imaging, and fittings, but we are now the proud owners of a baby with a band!

I learned allot of things from our experience.  One is to be confident as a parent.  Realize you know your child better than anyone, M.D., or not.  Second, is that each doctor, specialist, book and magazine does not agree on everything and no one doctor can always have the right answer so, seek many opinions.  ...and third, that it's important for us as moms to share our experiences - the good, the bad, the gross, the scary, and the embarassing.  Who better to learn from than other moms!

God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams...

December 29, 2010

Allot of Firsts

This holiday season brought allot of FIRSTS for Jacob!  Not only was it Jake's first CHRISTMAS, but he had his first SNOW, sat in a HIGHCHAIR for the first time, ROLLED OVER for the first time, and got his first TWO TEETH!  What a fun and memorable time for us!

First Snow - December 26, 2010

First Highchair Experience at Nana's - December 25, 2010

First Time Rolling Over (AND UNDER THE TREE) December 24, 2010

First Tooth - December 24, 2010   Second Tooth - December 26, 2010
Of course he won't let me take a picture of those cute little teeth!

Baby's First Christmas

After marriage Christmas became a wild ride around town for Neal and I.  We are lucky to get to see so much family over the holidays!  BUT, having a little one in the mix makes it even a wilder ride AND a very fun one at that!  Jacob was so much fun this year!  He wanted to eat all the presents and the wrappings!  He really was a good sport all day long.  Below are a couple - few - okay allot of my favorite pictures from Christmas and Christmas Eve!



Jacob Meets Santa Clause

Mama, Daddy, and Nana took Jake to the mall to see Santa not long after Thanksgiving!  He was such a sweet boy and sat quietly on Santa.  He wouldn't look at the camera for the photographer because there was a lit up tree to his left so he was entertained by that.  Santa pulled a trick from his bag and pretended to read Jake a book.  It was a precious picture however, we never got it scanned to post online.  Santa did let us take a few of our own and when mama took pictures Jake looked!  Yay!

December 28, 2010

Our Little Butterball

One of my favorites from the season...

Three Cutting

This year was our third annual tree cutting trip to the beautiful NC mountains.  This year was extra special because we had both Jacob and Nana with us.  Usually, Neal and I join his parents for the scenic drive up into the mountains, but we added two into the roadtrip this time.  We always ride up to the trees on a trailer that is pulled by a tractor.  It was really, really chilly this year so, Jake and Nana ended up sitting in the tractor enjoying a bottle while the rest of us searched out our trees!



Somebody Likes Sweet Potatoes

Jacob turned 4 months on December 7th and the doctor gave us the go-ahead to start feeding him baby food.  "Thank goodness," was all I could say because Jake has been drinking every gulp of formula I put in his bottle and we're up to 7.5 ozs.  Not to mention, my largest bottle only holds 8 ozs!  We started with sweet potatoes TO bananas TO rice cereal and now we're back to sweet potatoes which seem to be a fave.  Jake's first meal was more fun for us than for him.  His expressions were priceless!

Jacob, in full armor, ready for his first spoon eating experience...

If you can get past the face on this little guy, notice that his bib has already been changed.  The nice, big, wipe-off-able bib was way too big!

The BIG EVENT ends in a milk bottle. :)

December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend of gathering with family, cutting down our Christmas trees, and starting our shopping!  We hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

November 18, 2010

Three Months Old

Jake was three months old on November 7th and he is changing every day.  He is so much fun and just a joy to be with!  Some of my friends update on their blogs what their little ones are doing at different ages and I think it is a neat idea!  Below are some of the things that Jacob is doing now...

1- Jacob loves to lay on his back (especially on his new playmat from John and Heather).
2- Hates to be on his tummy (but we're trying)!
3- Turns and looks when someone talks to him.
4- Grabs rattles and little toys.
5 - Pulls anything he gets in his hand to his mouth.
6- Chews his paci and talks (really loud) while chewing.
7- Laughs out loud. (Cutest thing I have EVER seen.)
8- Loves bath time even when water drips down his precious face.
9- Laughs when I take his arms out of his sleeves to undress him, but hates when I put them in the sleeves to dress him.
10- Drinks 7 ounces and sucks the empty bottle.

Baptism Day

Sunday, November 17th was a very special day in Jacob's life.  He was baptized at St. Philip Neri and although he doesn't know what that means now it is a day that we will celebrate with Jake year and year to come.  It was so neat to see all the family and friends that were there to support us and Jacob on such a special day!  Father John did such a nice job and mentioned Jacob time and time again throughout the mass.  He is such a blessed little baby!  We are so excited that John and Marianne agreed to be Jake's Godparents.  We know that along with their wonderful spouses they will be great help to Neal and I in guiding Jake on his spiritual walk. 

November 4, 2010


On Tuesday Nana took the day off and we headed to Gaffney for a little shopping.  There was a coolness in the air that just put you in the mood for a little holiday shopping!  There was even Christmas music playing in several of the stores we went in.  Needless to say we hardly bought a thing for ourselves and kindly gave our money to the baby stores!  Baby clothes are just too cute!  That adventure put me in the mood for the holidays to roll in.  The past two days have been wet and rainy and Jacob has dressed the part for ringing in the season to be warm and cozy!
Jacob Riding Along in the Carrier

 Jake Dressed for the Cold

It's hard to tell, but Jake is sporting a homemade paci clip from Nana and some reindeer socks!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from our family to yours!  I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween weekend!  We had a lovely Sunday watching the Carolina Panthers with our good friends Alan and Michelle.  Afterward, we headed home and Nana came over to hand out candy with us.  It was a chilly, but nice night to sit on the porch and see all of the adorable trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  Jacob didn't stay awake long!   It's a good thing he wasn't big enough this year to gather his own candy.  I have been diving into the leftovers like I've never seen chocolate!

October 8, 2010

Two Month Pediatrician Visit

Jacob had his two month pediatrician appointment on Friday (10/8). He did such a good job. He didn't even tinkle on the nurse when she weighted him! It always cracks me up when we take his clothes off on the white papered table. He gets started and maybe a little cold and his arms spread wide open. It's so cute! Jacob also got his first set of shots today. He screamed, but as soon as daddy picked him up he stopped. I was so glad that Neal was with us. I couldn't watch them give Jake his shots and I was so close to crying myself.

2 Month Checkup
Weight: 10lbs. 12ozs. (25th percentile)
Length: 23 1/2 inches long (75th percentile)

Jacob shortly after we got home.
(Already forgot about his shots.)

Two of Jacob's Three Bandaids
Scooby Doo!

Tummy Time...It's What the Doctor Ordered

October 5, 2010

Slideshow From Emily

Thank you to my sweet friend, Emily, for surprising me with this adorable slideshow she made of Jacob. You are such a precious friend, Emily!

October 1, 2010

Many Thanks

During the time we spent in the hospital for our delivery, the time following, and even now (two months later) we have received the blessing of kindness from so many around us! From meals, to gifts, to helping hands, kind words, texts, emails, and more - we were and are overwhelmed by love! Neal and I just want to say thank you SO very much for the kindness so many of you shared. I had a bit of a rough recovery going back into the hospital with anemia. Once back on my feet and trying to adjust to motherhood I have realized how fast time has gotten away from me. I have many notes of OVERDUE thanks to get out...soooo if I have not personally thanked you yet please know that no act of kindness has gone unnoticed. We love you, our friends, family, and neighbors!

Thank you so very much!

Roll Tide

It doesn't take two minutes around Daddy and Budroe to know that Jacob is set to fall in love with Alabama football! Jake has a closet full of Alabama gear from onesies, to bottles, to onesies, to pacifiers, to onesies, to blankets, to onesies, to burclothes...socks, hats, etc. Did I mention he has an AL onesie or two?

After a very busy Saturday Neal and I decided to pack up Jacob and go watch the Alabama game with Jake's Budroe (Neal's dad). You might say we went overboard taking pictures of Jake. I tried to narrow the selection down to a handful of my favorites.

Full Bama Attire

Sweet Feet

Our Family of Three

Love Jake's Handmade AL Blanket from Ms. Teresa Neesen

Three Generations of Humphrey Fellas


Nothing melts our hearts more than seeing Jacob smile. We spend most of our awake time with Jake trying to make him smile. Each time he does it we get the other's attention as though it's his first smile each time. We especially like to make him smile when Bebe is around. She cries every time. Who can blame her? It truely is a heart melter! I thought I'd share some of Jake's smiles...

First Bath

I am so surprised how our little Jacob enjoys his baths. He is pretty quiet and just looks around...until I wash his hair. My friends, Bonnie & Heather, gave us this cute duck towel that you get wet with warm water and lay across the baby. It is a lifesaver and I KNOW that is why Jake is so calm during his bath time. This is a must have! I ran out and bought another one in a frog! Below are a few pictures from his first bath in his whale tub! I love to bathe him. A clean baby wrapped in a fresh towel is just so sweet!