September 25, 2013

It's Fall! It's Fall! It's Fall!

When the seasons change it is so motivating to clean up a little, organize a little, and do a little seasonal decorating.  I love putting out some of Jake's artwork to decorate our fireplace.  I pulled out his "memory box" and we looked through it together for something that fit the season.  Here is what we found from last year's MMO program...

And here are a couple of cute finds Emma Claire and I scooped up today!

as we like to say in the south...
Happy Fall Ya'll!

September 21, 2013


I can hardly put into words how watching these two interact makes me feel!  They are too amazing!  At the end of this, Jake laid down in front of Emma, looked up at her and said, "Emma, you are the best baby I ever saw!"  Oh how I love watching them grow!

Preschool Open House

River Hills Preschool
Ms. Catherine & Ms. Jean-Marie
MTW 9 - Noon (Lunch from Noon - 1pm on Tuesdays)

Jake has been in his new preschool for about three weeks now and I could not be more pleased thus far!  In such a short time I have met several parents and grandparents of Jake's classmates, met some of his new pals, joined the parent committee, been greeted by name by the director and received numerous school updates and information via email and letters, etc.  I feel like we've landed in a great place!

Neal and I joined Jake at school this past Thursday evening for Open House.  His teachers set up a scavenger hunt around the room for the kids to show us all the different stations inside.  They have already done so much.  In addition to the curriculum Jake has chapel on Mondays, Spanish on Tuesdays, and music on Wednesdays.

He is the second to the youngest in the class, but his teachers say he is doing great and mature for being one of the youngest.  They said he is so sweet and funny!  Ms. Catherine shared that on the first day he was buzz lightyear, but every day following he has worn a knights costume from their costume area.  She said he comes in and dresses himself in the mornings.  She had a great picture of him in full armor!

At the open house Jake was set on showing us the "Emma" in his classroom.  He showed us how to put her to bed, feed her a bottle, change her diaper, and repeat.  He insisted his teacher hold baby Emma.  It was so funny!

We hope you have a fabulous year in your new preschool.  We hope you feel safe and loved and that all your moments there are fun and exciting!  We hope you are kind and loving to all your new friends and that you are received the same.  Bless you sweet boy!


September 18, 2013

Melt My Heart

Tonight, after a reoccurring arguement about bath time, with Jake, things finally settled down.  I got him dry and tucked in for bed, read a couple of books and said our nightly prayer.  After prayer he randomly starts this one on his own...

"Thank you Lord for what you've given me,
The sun and the rain and the appleseed,
Yes the Lord has been good to me."

Now, I don't know if I got all the words right, but this is what I gathered from his sweet voice. So, I say "thank you Lord for sweet calmings after bath time storms and thank you Ms. Catherine and Ms. Jean-Marie for teaching my boy this sweet prayer."

Afterwards, he finally tried to show me "criss cross applesauce" and admitted he needed help learning it.  He was so happy when he succeeded.  I promised to help him every night until school next Monday.  Oh how he is growing!

Love you sweet boy!

Our Day Thus Far

What a beautiful day!  The weather is cooling down in Charlotte and I couldn't be happier!  I have been slowing reintroducing fall decorations and smells into our home.  Ahhh, the change of seasons is so motivating!  That reminds me that it's time to take down the hand and feet paintings of fish and lobsters that Jake made last year and put up some seasonal kid art!

Speaking of decor I have to share this cute halloween door idea I found in a recent Parent's magazine.  Isn't it cute?  I mean, if you can get past your cute Etsy must have or fancy Pinterest must do this year wouldn't this be a picker?  Don't get me wrong, I just bought bows on Etsy and am working on Pinterest teacher gifts, but this season I think our door will satisfy Jake and his pals more than my sometimes fancy pants taste.  :)

This is made with what looks like felt and different sized paper plates!

While I'm on a kick for sharing I have to introduce these books if you haven't heard of them...the Pete the Cat books by Eric Litwin.  They are a new favorite that I love reading with Jake.  I'd say they are good for about 2 1/2 up to maybe 5.  Jake's Uncle Perry, Aunt Mary Beth, and cousin Allie bought him Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes for his birthday.  It was a hit so I purchased Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons at the school's Book Fair and love it as well!  Here is a glimpse if you want to check them out!

Moving right along...

Today was hat day at Jake's preschool and I set out every hat he owns for his choosing.  I preferred his sweet little Citadel ball cap, but he chose his beaten up, over played with red cowboy hat.  Boy was he cute though!  So, I sent this little cowboy off to school.

Had to show this cutie off extra big!

When I picked him back up I had myself a...


While Jake was at school I did plenty of chores and then found myself feeding this cutie in her room which I spend way too little time enjoying while...get this...listening to a classical lullaby cd.  I don't know how that happened, but it was a relaxing and sweet fifteen minutes that I will now commit to doing on some sort of regular basis.  I'm not saying how often, because when I break a commitment to myself no matter how small it's beyond frustrating.  So, we'll just say I'll do this more often while I can hold her close.

That was our simple day thus far.  Just because this week has been a great one that doesn't mean all is perfect in our household.  Yesterday, my husband pointed out that I sent Jake to school with mismatched socks.  I also overheard the little stinker tell dad that he loved us all, but he loves him best.  So, no matter how many good things I find to jot down there are always a few little kickers that I'd rather not remember.  Just a reminder that no home is a perfect home!

September 17, 2013

Not Your Typical Stay at Home Mom Day

I love being a stay at home mom.  Despite it's challenges I feel so blessed to be available for my babies all day.  I really admire all mom's - working, part time working, and at home moms.  I think they all are amazing and each "job" of a mother brings their own sets of challenges and joys! Today was not my typical day, but I'll take it any day!  I'm usually rushing around to get some laundry done, clean some part of the house, pick up missing grocery items, etc. while Jake is in preschool, but not today...

I dropped Jake off for his long day of school (Mondays and Wednesdays he stays until noon and on Tuesdays he stays an hour later for lunch).  After making sure his book bag was hung, lunch box secure in his cubby, and face covered in kisses I strolled down the hall.  His class is learning about Johnny Appleseed and recently painted pictures with apples.  Here is Jake's...

The next week they tasted red, green, and yellow apples and the teachers recorded which ones each child enjoyed.  Notice Jake's says "no, no, no"?  ...because he refuses to taste an apple. Thankfully, it looks like little miss Hannah didn't enjoy any either.

After leaving the preschool, Emma and I ventured over to Bath & Body works to stock up on a few new fall scented hand soaps for the house.  Then, we drove by our lot that is awaiting our eventual residence.  I have met one mom in Jake's class who lives in our neighborhood to be and another who is just down the road.  One reason we decided to focus on the Lake Wylie side of town for Jake's school was to meet people in the area and it looks like we're off to a great start!  Looking forward to the day we settle on this land, but there is plenty to keep us busy in the mean time.

Finally, we headed to Emma Claire's first library class, Once Upon a Lap, at the Lake Wylie Library!  I hate to rush her little life along, but I have been looking forward to this class.  I used to take Jake when he was younger.  Actually, I took him to several sessions back to back to back and made some great friends throughout whom we still get together with.  Emma loved the other kids, the music, bubbles, and especially the bells!

Here is a snapshot of Jake playing with the bells when he was in Once Upon a Lap at the Fort Mill Library in Baxter.  He is about 8 months in this photo.

After class we met daddy for lunch at Hickory Tavern and then jumped in the car to pick up Jake. We got there early and all three spied on him as he played on the playground at school.  As the kids lined up to return to class, he spotted us through the glass and was thrilled!  Jake introduced daddy, Emma, and I to the whole class.  He sure isn't thrilled with his sister when we are at home, but he was showing "it" to everyone!  We met Jake's new buddy Connor whom I've heard allot about.  The teacher shared with us that Jake is pretty mature considering he is the second to the youngest in the class and that he is doing great!

After school, we read a story on the couch and settled down for nap...or so I like to think.  At this moment, I hear Rescue Robots in full force inside a little boy's bedroom.

The best part of my day is spending time with family.  My day is only half done and my cup is already overflowing.  Why?  Because I had quality time at the library with my daughter, lunch and conversation with my husband, and helped bring a huge smile to my son's face by showing up with the whole family to meet his friends and pick him up.  Here is to more days like this one...

September 16, 2013

Last Week & This

Last week (9.12.13) Emma Claire turned five months old!  Oh how I love this age.  She is just the smiliest thing I have ever seen and so aware now!  I was pretty impressed with myself taking her 5 month photo only three days late considering the last couple of months pics were taken well past their due date.  Daddy says she is rockin' a terrible 80s look, but I'm loving this photo.  Cute outfit or not, that face makes it perfect!

I haven't fully decided if Jake loves his new preschool or not.  Every morning (MTW) he says he doesn't want to go, but then runs into the the school like it's the best place around.  This morning he had his book bag on and ran straight to the entrance.  He told the nice man (who always hold the door in the mornings and afternoons) that he had on his super backpack and flew inside.  Everyone around laughed out loud as I shook my head (both holding back a giggle and feeling so in love with that cutie).

I would venture to say one of his favorite things about school is the wonderful playground and sandbox just outside his classroom.  Every day that I have picked him up thus far he has been covered in dirt and sand and always a few extra bruises!  I don't know that this picture does the dirt on his face justice, but I had to try to capture the after school look!  I have been so impressed and thrilled with the school we picked for Jake and am SO looking forward to open house this week to catch up with his teachers and some new mom friends I've already made!

Feeling blessed this week as my son has ventured away from telling me daily that he doesn't love me to telling me he does, with a baby girl who is getting back on her sleep schedule, and a husband who just surprised me with fall candles and a Keurig!  As Pete the Cat says in one of Jake's new books "stuff will come and stuff will go"... just like the phases with our children and phases of a marriage, good ones and bad ones will come and go.  I'll push through those I don't love yous and sleepless nights remembering those phases will go and new ones will come.

Until next time...

September 12, 2013


As I sit down to write this I hear someone stirring on the monitor beside me.  It's a small miracle that I am even sitting here in my sun room, alone, in silence.  Although, it is nice, I am already excited for those little pumpkins to spring from their sleep!  Funny how that is.  Well, now the monitor on my other side is blaring a loud "mommy"!  Did I really wish them awake?

We'll let them wiggle around for a few minutes...

I last posted when Jake was exactly two months shy of turning two and the posts were scarce shortly before then.  The busier they become the busier we become...and the more tired, tested, frazzled...and FULFILLED!

Jake was entering a toddler bed in my last post and is now in a big boy full bed custom built by his talented daddy.  His rooms is decorated in cars, trucks, planes and primary colors.  I'm so glad we didn't rush out to buy new furniture (aside from the bed) because it is covered in "memory marks" already.  I love the cross above Jake's bed.  It reminds me daily to pray with him before bed which I must admit could slip my mind these days.  My least favorite thing in his room is the toy tool bench that I have to pick up every morning and refill with it's pieces.  I'm pretty sure someone jumps off of it after he has dismissed us from his bedtime routine, creating a beautiful mess.

Jake is 3 years and 1 month today and the most high energy, funny, and witty little boy I know!  He has started preschool this year...three days a week.  He loves to run, play with superheroes, watch Rescue Robots, talk, talk, and talk.  He's a picky eater!  He can count to 20 and also backwards from 10 and has for a while now.  He is about eight handfuls to take care of.  He makes me feel 10 different emotions within 10 minutes, but the one that NEVER leaves my heart is love!  He amazes me everyday!

Five months ago today Emma Claire entered the world!  She is the sweetest and most darling little girl I have ever seen.  She weighs almost fourteen pounds now and smiles all the time.  Just like her brother, she loves for anyone to talk to her.  She loves sweet carrots, but that is about the only thing she will finish as of now.  She loves to be held and walked around.  She recently laughed out loud to a Praise Baby DVD, but nothing makes her smile and giggle on and on like Jacob.  She lights up when he enters the room.  Nothing has touched my heart more that seeing the look on her face when he is around.  He, though not thrilled with her, grows a little less appalled each day. Yes, I said appalled.  He is devastated by her bodily fluids.  A-matter-of-fact, she sneezed this morning and "it" reached him sending him into a dramatic frenzy!  I see allot of drama in our future, but I am ready to embrace it all!

I'm feeling satisfied now that I was able to record a few little things that came to mind today.  Hopefully naps will overlap more often, hopefully I can overlook this messy sun room/playroom more often, and hopefully I will commit to recording more of our daily memories!

Looking forward to reading these with our kids when they're grown!