December 29, 2010

Allot of Firsts

This holiday season brought allot of FIRSTS for Jacob!  Not only was it Jake's first CHRISTMAS, but he had his first SNOW, sat in a HIGHCHAIR for the first time, ROLLED OVER for the first time, and got his first TWO TEETH!  What a fun and memorable time for us!

First Snow - December 26, 2010

First Highchair Experience at Nana's - December 25, 2010

First Time Rolling Over (AND UNDER THE TREE) December 24, 2010

First Tooth - December 24, 2010   Second Tooth - December 26, 2010
Of course he won't let me take a picture of those cute little teeth!

Baby's First Christmas

After marriage Christmas became a wild ride around town for Neal and I.  We are lucky to get to see so much family over the holidays!  BUT, having a little one in the mix makes it even a wilder ride AND a very fun one at that!  Jacob was so much fun this year!  He wanted to eat all the presents and the wrappings!  He really was a good sport all day long.  Below are a couple - few - okay allot of my favorite pictures from Christmas and Christmas Eve!



Jacob Meets Santa Clause

Mama, Daddy, and Nana took Jake to the mall to see Santa not long after Thanksgiving!  He was such a sweet boy and sat quietly on Santa.  He wouldn't look at the camera for the photographer because there was a lit up tree to his left so he was entertained by that.  Santa pulled a trick from his bag and pretended to read Jake a book.  It was a precious picture however, we never got it scanned to post online.  Santa did let us take a few of our own and when mama took pictures Jake looked!  Yay!