January 18, 2012

Book Exchange

Jake was recently invited to join in a book exchange!  He received this note in the mail (hid the part with addresses) and off we went to invite others to exchange books as well!  Jake sure loves books so I am looking forward to seeing what arrives for us to read!

We sent our book to a little boy and here is the one we chose...

I received this book at one of my baby showers and it is, by far, my favorite book ever.  I have been reading it to Jake since early on.  I recommend it no mater what age your child may be!

After the Rain

Jacob has, for some reason or other, had a hard time settling down for a nap on the days he attends MMO.  I thought today would be a great opportunity for lunch at the park after I picked him up, just to get a little extra energy out.  He was thrilled, but what was intended to be a nice easy outing quickly turned into a mess!  The playground was full of puddles of water leftover from the rain we received overnight.  I must have slept hard to have missed it.  After constantly steering Jake away from the muddy, messy puddles, I gave in and decided how much fun he must think it would be to stomp away at those puddles.  He had a blast!  Afterwards, we used that extra pair of clothes that any mom with some sense carries in her bag and headed home.