March 23, 2012

I'm Big & Strong (Slightly Behind)

Jacob's Budroe (Neal's dad) has told Jake he was big and strong forever.   Now Jake makes a big motion when we tell him that.  It seems this toddler is REALLY a big and strong fella.  Today (at 19 months) we had his wellness visit.  Here are Jake's stats...

Height 33.5 inches - Above average!
Weight 25lbs 20 oz - Averaging out - our round baby is slimming out. :)

Makeup Mimic

I remember the first time I saw my mom put on makeup.  I was a child and I remember dramatically telling her not to put that stuff on because she didn't look like my mom.  I am not sure if it was her everyday makeup or a new sampling, but that is how I remember it.

I remember the first time my dad saw me with makeup on, "does your mom know you're wearing that stuff" he asked? haha!

I remember when Jake was just a little baby and I'd sit up, legs stretched out with him sitting with me as we both faced the tv.  I'd set my makeup bag infront of him and put on my makeup while he marveled at the shiny blush brush and eyelash curler.

As Jake got bigger he'd play with each item in my bag.  As the months went on his interest changed to wanting to take out each thing - eyeshadow, blush, etc. and then put them back in the bag.

Just a few months ago I was putting on my coverup.  As odd as it may be, I dot it all over my face and then rub it in.  As I covered my face with "dots" Jake looked up at me and said "hi" as though making sure mama is still there.  It was so funny and he still does that every time he sees me put on makeup...says "hi"!

Just the other day I dumped the items out of my makeup bag and Jake picked up each piece one by one putting it up to his eye and holding it there a few seconds.  I guess I have curled my eyelashes more than enough infront of him.

I love those funny little things he does to mimic us.  I love that he watches me and imitates me.  I love that these simple moments are such big memories for me.  I don't so much love that they involve my makeup bag and it's occupants.  :)

Until next time...