October 22, 2011


My sweet friend, Emily, took Jake's newborn photos and was so gracious to take Jake's one year pictures just before his birthday!  She is so talented and I love watching her grow through her work.  Thank you, Emily, for being such a lovely friend and for such a gift!

These are just a "few" of the many beautiful pictures captured...

Jake's REAL Birthday

The day after Jake's birthday party was his REAL birthday.  Jake's aunt, uncle and cousin spent the night so we continued the celebration.  Later that day Neal and I took Jake to the pool and came home for yummy cake!  Is was a nice, relaxing, love-on-Jake kind of day!

We saved Jake's gifts from mom and dad for his actual birthday.  He got a new ride which we drove down to the pool that afternoon!

One of his other surprises was an Elmo guitar.  Jake loves dada's guitar and what could make one better than dad's??? ELMO!

Jake's cousin, Allie Jane.


Another round of cake to celebrate the REAL day!

Jacob's First Birthday

I know I am behind, but these are moments that must be recorded...

Jacob turned ONE on August 7, 2011!  We are amazed at how he has changed over one year!  He is a true blessing to our lives and our love for him grows deeper every day.  We decided to celebrate Jake's first birthday with family only.  It was probably a good idea because our home was packed!  It was a wonderful day.  Thank you to each one of you who took the time to travel, celebrate, and share our love with Jake on this special day. 


 This is by far one of my favorite photos from the day.  Jake loves music on the radio, on a toy, and especially from a live person.  We sung happy birthday and Jake applauded!  He loves to clap and loves to get everyone in the room clapping.  A-matter-of-face he will stare you down until you clap with him.  When you start his eyes move to the next person.  This photo is so him!