May 8, 2011

8 & 9 Months

Time sure flies when you are having fun.  I cannot believe how fast the days and months seem to come and go and how quickly Jake is approaching his first birthday!  We have been so busy that I missed his 8 month post.  Below are some of the fun things Jake is doing these days!  We'll post again with his weight, etc. when he has his 9 month check up this week!  Stay tuned...


Jake keeps us laughing as his personality evolves every day.  I think that being able to interact with Jake has been my favorite stage so far.  I sure did love every step up to this point, but being able to show him love and know that he gets it a little more every day is my favorite!

These days...

Jake is so ticklish on his back, under his arms, and at the tops of his legs (just like his mama).
He laughs at the same part of his Baby Einstein video each time.
He laughs at his puppets no matter what they do.
He is very serious about paying attention to the teacher at Once Upon a Lap at the library.
He has six teeth and I think more are quickly on their way.
Jake can pick up cheerios and loves them!  He had them the first time at Caroline's birthday party.
He sits in his travel swing to watch tv, but is too heavy for it to go.  (It will NOT swing him.) hahaha!
He gives open kisses.  His Nana taught him to do that.
He loves to knock over stacked cups and throw toys.
Jake claps!
He loves when we sing to him and recognizes songs!
He bites.  I swear if he was a daycare baby I'd already be getting notes about Jake biting the other kids.
He rolls around like crazy and pushes up great (finally), but not crawling yet.  I think it will happen soon!
He says dada and mama, but I don't know if he knows what they mean.
Jake loves to feel the silk on blankets when he is falling asleep (like mama did).
He crosses his feet like he is sitting indian style!
He runs all over the house in his Jeep walker, chases Saddie, and laughs with delight!
He can pull the blankets over his face for peek-a-boo.
Jake holds his bottle...he also throws it.  :)
Most importantly...Jake smiles all the time!  He is such a happy baby and just loves loves loves people.  He doesn't meet a stranger and he thinks everyone should want to talk to him.  He is such a ham considering he can't even speak!  We are tickled by him all the time.  We love  you Jake!