October 17, 2013

Emma Claire is Six Months

Oh Emma, I cannot believe you are six months old already!  Time has really been flying and I just want you to stay little forever and ever and ever and ever and...well, you get the point.  :)

You weight about 15lbs 1oz.  You have the cutest chunky baby legs!  Don't worry, I won't document those cute things.  Instead, here is a picture of your darling little tootsies!

You are eating 1st foods and love sweet carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, and avacado!  You have no interest in fruit...unless it is Jake's applesauce.

You still adore Jacob and just love for him to be around.  I love it!  You are ticklish under your ribs and in your neck.  I love it!  You won't sit up for long, but you're always doing crunches like you want to get up and go.  I love it!  You put the wubanub paci in your mouth on your own and it is too cute.  I love it!  I guess you can tell that I just love you and everything you do!  ...as does everyone else.  You are just darling!

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