October 8, 2013

The Confessions of a Tired Mother

After one night too many of reaching into the fridge for a bottle in the wee hours of the night I put my mama foot down.  I gave Emma Claire the last bottle of the evening, put her in her crib and closed the door.  She must have been tired because she fell asleep - no complaints.  Then, midnight struck and like that she woke.  However, I gave her a paci and she fell back to sleep.  Whoop whoop!  Then, again at three thirty in the morning...wah wah!  I gave in and brought the little pumpkin into our room, we snuggled on the bed while I fed her a bottle.   When she finished I lifted her to a sitting position, leaned her over my arm, and she fell into her usual middle-of-the-night ragdoll position - eyes closed, arms dangling forward over my supporing arm, head drooped.  The only reason I knew in that hour that she wasn't actually a ragdoll...her deep snoring!  REALLY EMMA?  HOW ABOUT A BURP!

I carried that little pink sack to her crib and laid her down ever so gently only to be greeted with big, bright eyes, and a wide smile.  How does one do that?  Nothing was going to put her to sleep.  So, I thought to myself...does this little devil angel not like her crib or is she just wanting her mama.  Knowing if I returned her to my room she'd end up sleeping in there night after night I did what any normal, tired, petite, mother would do...I climbed into her crib, curled her under my arm and waited.  In only a few seconds she looked up at me with a little Emma smile, gave a little Emma giggle, stuck her paci in her own mouth, rolled in toward me and passed out.  YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

At this point I am thinking how the hell do I get out of this crib without waking her?  Every move I made seemed to create the loudest of sounds.  I put one hand on the side rail one on the front and as gently as I could pulled myself up and out.  I made it!  I made it!  Oh how Jake would have done the "we did it" dance for my huge accomplishment.  THANKS FOR THE STORY, EM!  FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME DAYTIME EVENTS TO BLOG ABOUT!

I went to bed slightly tickled at the ridiculousness I surrendered to, slightly proud of my accomplishment, and very well aware that I need to work out these arms if I plan on doing any more pull ups at the crib!

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